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Design Deep Dive #3: Peace be the Journey

One of Idioma's first products was a t-shirt with the simple message, "Peace be the Journey". As our journey progresses, so do the designs that we release each year. This latest design dive looks at the latest concept to come out of Idioma HQ.

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Design Deep Dive #2: Haraka Baraka الحركة بركة

“Consciousness is only possible through change; Change is only possible through movement.” ― Aldous Huxley, The Art of Seeing

For our second design deep dive this summer, we wanted to highlight a new design with a simple but important message.

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Design Deep Dive #1: Rìchū

Over the next 5 weeks we'll be taking a deeper look into the latest designs we're releasing this summer, starting with one of our favourites: Rìchū 日出.

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