Seth Banks Idioma WorldSeth Mulcahey Banks

Designer and Director.

Favourite place in the world: Still searching...

Favourite food: Spaghetti alle vongole

Favourite dinosaur: Brachiosaurus

Other loves include: Plants, playing the saxophone and watching Jurassic Park in the bath.



Ryan Crooks Idioma World Ryan Crooks

Numbers and Stuff.

Favourite place in the world: NO FIRE NO GLORY Berlin

Favourite food: Tempura Vegetables

Favourite dinosaur: Ankylosaurus

Other loves include: Jazz, music production, meditation & beach parties.



Greer Banks Idioma World Greer Mulcahey Banks

Business Development.

Favourite place in the world: The Golden Temple, Amritsar, India in the early morning sun.

Favourite food: Pakistani Grilled Fish in Dubai or home-cooked Shish Tawook.

Favourite dinosaur: Giraffatitan - a winning combination of dinosaur and giraffe, need I say more.

Other loves include: World literature, Harry Potter audiobooks, dancing and our family dog Luna.